Working With Accountants

Making sense of R&D

Is your firm being asked to handle increasingly complex R&D tax credit, Patent Box and Above-The-Line tax credit work?

Since inception Bradshaw Grice has worked alongside accountancy practices to help with R&D tax credit claims. Our work has expanded with the advent of Patent Box and Above-The-Line tax credits as the field becomes much more accountancy-centric and highly technical.

We recognise that while many accountancy practices come across potential R&D claims, it is not on a regular basis. It's this irregularity that prompts them to investigate outsourcing the activity to an experienced firm they can trust.

It is not only the tax computations that count towards a successful outcome, but the compilation, presentation and negotiation of the R&D claim and report to HMRC as well. That's where we can help. We will work to prepare the claim, leaving you to manage the client relationship.

Specialist help

We are able to offer the full R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Above-The-Line tax credit solution to your clients through our close collaboration with the Hazlewoods LLP Innovation Team. 

Hazlewoods is a top 40 UK accountancy practice that operates out of offices in Gloucestershire. It does not have offices anywhere else in the UK and will only undertake the R&D and/or Patent Box technical work for your client as authorised and agreed with you. At all times, your clients remain just that - yours.

Moving forward, it will be necessary for you to have the technical expertise to look after the R&D, Above the Line and Patent Box aspects of your clients' portfolios. In working with us, you know that this complex aspect of your client offer is being undertaken by a trusted source.

The Bradshaw Grice offer to you rests on a technically sound, financially secure, highly experienced team, based at a long established practice.

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