Client Testimonials

"As an innovative software company specialising in fuzzy matching and searching of contact data, we had always thought that we should be able to benefit from R&D tax credits - however, we hadn't been able to spend the time to establish whether we were likely to be successful if we applied for a credit and exactly what was involved in preparing the claim. Hazlewoods quickly and easily established the basis and the potential amount of the credit and let us know clearly what information was required, which encouraged us to proceed. With their guidance, we obtained a substantial refund. We are delighted with the service from Hazlewoods."

Steve Tootill, HelpIT Systems Limited

"It is too easy for frenetic small businesses to miss out on schemes designed to benefit them. Hazlewoods contacted us in the nick of time resulting in a substantial R&D grant that without them we would have lost. Our PIM (product information management) software development received a  really important boost at a critical time. If only other professionals were as proactive, thoroughly efficient and nice to deal with, business would be a lot easier. The beauty of the scheme and Hazlewoods' competence is that it isn't a dodge, it is a proactive scheme devised by Government to help companies like ours and is visible evidence of genuine Government action so everyone wins."

Peter Ritchie, Lockside Software Limited (