About Us

By engaging with Bradshaw Grice for a free-of-charge initial assessment of your R&D Tax Relief eligibility you tap into the business skills of our professionally-trained team - without incurring the cost of a formal assessment.

If we identify a potential qualifying project, we advise our business partners at one of the UK's leading accounting and business advisory firms - and they will come in to start the claims process. They have a dedicated R&D Tax Relief business team that has been successfully claiming R&D Tax Relief since its introduction in 2000. Crucially, this is an area that really does demand specialists with the time and knowledge to get it right - that's why many local accountants are happy to refer their clients to us.

Why tie up your own internal people in complicated negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs when you can outsource the hard work to proven specialists?

Business partners John McKeown and Richard Cook have a wealth of business and financial services experience under their belts.

John started out in financial services in 1982 before running his own IFA business for 20 years. He has helped launch a number of start-up businesses, including an innovative retailing service for one of the world's biggest logistics operators.

Richard's first business was established in the early 1980s and sold as a successful commercial venture in 1988. He has launched a number of pioneering business concepts in the UK and sits as a non executive director on several company boards.

Our Team

The business is further enhanced by R & D-trained technicians who work across the UK.  Our skill sets cover many sectors, including Manufacturing, IT, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Medical and Defence.  This enables us to support the R&D and Patent Box needs of clients whose innovations and R&D activities are so essential to the UK economy

As a non executive director on a number of boards Richard was stunned to discover that many of the companies he was advising hadn’t heard about R&D Tax Relief. He was even more surprised to learn that this wasn’t something a local high street accountant was typically equipped to help clients with. Professional and highly specialised tax relief expertise was required.

Says Richard: “We discovered that while the R&D Tax specialists we contacted were brilliant at getting money back for their clients, they needed a partner who could go out to the business community and articulate the R&D Tax Relief story: to act as the business intermediary between specialist and client. That’s where Bradshaw Grice comes in.

“We’ve not only been trained by our professional R&D Tax Relief partners to identify tax break opportunities, but we understand the business challenges and opportunities facing many companies today. We speak their language.”

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