Why miss out on readily available government cash incentives for your research and development (R&D) work? The simple answer is that you don't have to. By engaging with Bradshaw Grice for a free-of-charge initial assessment of your R&D Tax Relief eligibility you could gain access to a huge reserve of government cash. We can also make sure that you benefit from the UK Government's new Patent Box scheme reducing the corporation tax paid on your patented products.

A vital cash injection

R&D Tax Relief represents a great opportunity to inject vital cash into your business - and it's all from the government. However, all too often the time and expertise required to tap into these funds isn't available to you internally.

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What is R&D Tax Relief?

If your business undertakes technical development to deliver improved products, processes, devices, materials or services, then it's likely that you're eligible for R&D Tax Relief. A massive 225% tax relief can be claimed on qualifying research and development expenditure if your company has less than 500 employees and meets certain financial criteria.

Make sure you're not missing out on a vital cash injection. More ...